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Your full service digital marketing partner who does more than a headcount

Image by Markus Spiske

Slasher (n.) Individuals who are limitless and don’t like settling for one job or career path

Slasher Collective. is your trusted partner in digital marketing.

Think of us as your in-house digital marketing team member from a global office. 

Slasher Collective is committed to creating and maximising value through effective digital marketing strategy for clients in the sustainable lifestyle, hospitality and social impact industry.

While we do our best to remain flexible in the scope of work without compromising quality, we believe in mutual trust and respect, as well as transparent communication to build a lasting relationship and alliance.


Slasher Collective is trusted by

What Slasher Collective can do for you?

Impact needs to be shown; stories need to be told.

Slasher Collective. fills the gap between traditional marketing and digital marketing, balances what we know about human behaviour and hard data to deliver effective marketing solutions that stick. 

Website Design

A captivating visual, branding, and easy navigation is key to converting a lead into a customer. Let us help you create a memorable and easy-to-use user experience for your website. 

Social Media

Bottom line: each social media platform needs a different strategy! Choose your fascinating stories wisely to reach the right audience, and grow your fan base effectively.

Creative Campaigns

Looking for creative ways to promote your event or engage your audience? From campaign ideation to implementation and production, we have your back!

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Work with our team of wordsmiths! Whether it's your website, newsletter, ad copy or social media posts, we capture the essence of your desired message with the right - and beautiful - words.

Content Creation

We help our clients come up with content - blogs, visuals, photography and videography - that moves your audience, whilst giving the brand a persona that is consistent and heart-felt.


Perhaps you just need someone to kickstart your marketing strategic planning and initiatives - and that's alright. We can create a comprehensive marketing plan that works for your brand.

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