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Slasher Collective is a humble community of digital marketing professionals that hope to do good for our people and planet using the power of storytelling. But we're mindful of the stories we tell - greenwashing and purpose-washing can't make the world a better place.


One business can only do as much - it takes more than a brand to bring about systemic change, so don't be too hard on yourself. Know and be proud of who you are, and trust us to amplify that.


The spirit of entrepreneurship is in every slasher's DNA. We see every client as our own business, and we always go extra miles to make things work. 


See us as an extension of your in-house marketing team. We believe transparency and honesty in information sharing will help us deliver the best results possible for you.


Marketing is itself a broad business function that may involve operation, CRM, events and more. We are here to make sure that every instruments are in place, so that you can orchestrate the next masterpiece.  

About Our Founder

Image by Markus Spiske
Samantha Chung.jpeg


A journalist by training, digital marketer by experience, Samantha started her career learning from leading marketing agencies in the luxury lifestyle and hospitality space, working with brands such as Hennessy, St Regis, Alila Hotels and Resorts and Cathay Pacific. Seeking to align purpose with her work, she then founded her digital marketing agency Slasher Collective to help create and accelerate the presence of a magnitude of sustainable lifestyle and social impact brands in Hong Kong.

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