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Our clients are thought-leaders, visionaries and innovators. They break the status quo day in and day out, and are on the course to make the word a better place.


Samantha is an absolute wizard! From social media channel strategy to brand visual design execution to creative campaigns, she has helped Dream Impact elevate and sustain our brand image, establishing us to be the leader in the social innovation field.


Dorothy Lam

Co-Founder & Chief Catalyst 

Dream Impact

Samantha have been working on our social media account for over a year, producing digital content based on data generated interest topics for our vast target audience in regional markets. She's creative, strong in digital topics, a team player and has gone above and beyond in client servicing. A big joy to work with.

Rachel Wong

Communications & Sponsorship Manager 


Two things about Samantha: good communication and always meets deadlines. She's good at managing the relationship and setting real expectations. Samantha initiates, plans ahead and even suggests deadlines which is everything you need when you're trying to fill gaps and have a million of other things to worry about. 

Ovey Yeung

Lead, Strategic Growth

TGN Global

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